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We invite you to join us on our 10 Day Culture & Heritage Tour of Ghana. An unforgettable journey into a land rich in history and culture full of traditions. Ghanaians are noted for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality with rich and vibrant culture as a fascinating repository of cultural heritage.


Trip Highlights;

• Accra Exploration
• Faana Village
• Assin Manso Slave Market & River
• Cape Coast Castle
• Elmina Castle
• Kakum Canopy Walk & Slave Market
• Naming Ceremony
• African Drum & Dance Performance
• Kumasi Exploration



Day 1: Arrive in Ghana

Once you have arrived at Kotoka International airport you will go through all formalities and after you have come out from the immigration you will be met by a guide. Should it be that your flight arrives at night there will be snacks awaiting to fill any stomach which is empty. We will get on our bus and drive straight to our hotel for the night. We would not spend much time on briefings and allow you to check in and settle in for the night. We will have welcome drinks in the evening where we get to meet our incountry trip leaders as well as everyone on this trip with us.


Day 2: Accra City Tour

We will spend the entire day exploring Accra. We will visit the Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum which is the final resting place of the first president of Ghana. We will also visit the Makola market. We will have a tour of the historical James town. We will have lunch and proceed W.E.B Du Bois Memorial Centre which is a Pan-African Culture is a memorial place, a research facility. We will also learn about the American sociologist, socialist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author, writer and editor Du Bois. In the evening, after dinner we will experience nightlife in Accra.


Day 3: Explore Tsokome

We will drive to the community of Tsokome. Today we will visit the Densu Estuary. We will go on a dugout canoe ride to the village of Faana, a settlement with over 400 residents trapped in-between the sea and the Densu river. The settlements is about to myths and superstitions. To live on the island, one must confirm not to give birth or dies. During the tour we will learn about the history of the settlements. From here, we will drive into the the Central Region of Ghana where we stay at Elmina, Ghana’s top most historic town.


Day 4: Visit Cape Castle and Elmina Castle. Kakum Rainforest and Canopy Walk

We will have breakfast and drive to the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle where we visit the slave dungeons and the door of no return. We will have lunch and visit the Kakum National Park, one of the few existing canopies walkway in the world.


Day 5: Cooking Lesson/Workshop and Naming Ceremony

We will experience a traditional cooking lesson today. We will cook two or three different types of Ghanaian cuisine. Later in the day, there will be an immersion into the culture and the tradition of the people of Ghana. According to the Ghanaian culture people are given names based on the day they are born. Today we will visit the chief palace where we pay homage to the chief and his elders. We will learn about true traditions and culture of the people before the arrival of the Europeans. There will be a naming ceremony and we will be given our root names. After the ceremony we will visit homes and communities to see the way of life of the people and have a deeper insight of our tradition. Later in the day we will be engaged in an African drumming and dancing workshop.


Day 6: Rest and Relaxation. Volunteer

We will have a full day rest and relaxation. Later in the day we will visit one of the few project we support in Ghana. Signing up on this trip makes you a part of our supporters making impact in the lives of people in Ghana. We will visit one of the local community schools we support. You will have an engagement with the kids where you will have an opportunity to teach the kids how to read, write, ICT and engage in sports with them.


Day 7: Drive to Kumasi via Assin Manso Slave Market and River

We will drive to Kumasi shortly after breakfast. En route we will visit the Assin Manso Slave Market. This is the final and the last point of the slaves before they travel through the virgin forest for 3 weeks to the castles and are shipped to the unknown world. We will visit the slave river,


After the tour we will have lunch and proceed to Cape Coast. In arrival at Cape Coast we will check in our accommodation and visit the Cape Coast castle. We will stay the night at Cape Coast. Depending on how we feel, we will go out to see nightlife in Cape Coast where we go out for a live band music concert.


We will visit the Manhyia Palace which is the seat of King of the Ashanti Empire where we will be portrayed to the rich culture of this powerful kingdom and its people. We will visit the cultural center, the sword monument of Okomfo Anokye, the Kumasi fort, and the Kejetia market, West Africa’s busiest and largest open air market. Kumasi is a vibrant city and we will go down the street into some of the local pups tonight and witness night life in the Garden City of Ghana.


Day 8: We will drive to Kumasi . We will visit the Manhyia Palace which is the seat of King of the Ashanti Empire where we will be portrayed to the rich culture of this powerful kingdom and its people. We will visit the cultural center, the sword monument of Okomfo Anokye, the Kumasi fort, and the Kejetia market, West Africa’s busiest and largest open air market. Kumasi is a vibrant city and we will go down the street into some of the local pups tonight and witness night life in the Garden City of Ghana.


Day 9: Shortly after breakfast we will pack and depart to Accra. Enroute we will visit the Bonwire Kente Village. We will learn about the different type of Kente cloths and its significance to the Ghanaian culture. From here we will proceed to Accra where we check in our accommodation. In the evening, we will have a buffet dinner to congratulate ourselves for taking this trip and sharing our experience and how this trip is made an impact on us. Later in the evening we will have a wonderful group party.


Day 10: Based on your departure time, we will drop you off in time so you can catch your flight without much stress. Cut off time & Drop off shuttle time to be negotiated with the hotel.

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January 19, 2022
10 Days
10 years ++ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Accra, Ghana
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8.30AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 4.00PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light
  • Included
    Entrance to all destinations
    Personal Guide
    Snacks and Water
  • Not Included

Tour Location

Ghana - Accra, Cape Coast, Elmina, Assin Manso, Kumasi

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